On average, one of the largest capital expenses for any transportation operation is tyres. It is absolutely critical for fleets to track and record the performance of their tyres so as to get the best out of them. Treadsetters will provide tyre expert supervisory and oversight role for the fleet. Tyre technician(s) will be deployed to the fleet’s yard to oversee proper tyre management commensurate to best practices. This will be done on an agreed terms between the fleet owner and Treadsetters.

How IT works

Treadsetters will tyre technician(s) with an objective provide a comprehensive fleet analysis that helps fleets monitor their tyre installations, the performance of their tyres and other key tyre related metrics. By comparing performance data for different products, you can ensure that your fleet is using the best tyres with the winning cost per kilometer.

Equipped with state of the art technology, and supported by the latest software, fleet surveys at TTL are conducted by skilled technicians using globally accepted guidelines and procedures. Technicians will perform the following during the fleet survey process;

  • Keep tyre records for the fleet to identify where tyres are.
  • Carry out periodic tyre inspections on vehicles and act on them as a means of preventive maintenance.
  • Help improve and maintain tyre inflation pressures to at least 80% normal air to prevent tyre failures.
  • Carry out test fitments for all tyres running in the fleet for management decisions.
  • Carry out monthly scrap tyre analysis so as to establish tyre scrap reasons with an objective to minimize tyre scrappage.
  • Identify worn out tyres for timely removal so as to reduce CPK.
  • Ensure proper mounting and demounting procedures are followed as we reduce tyre scraps for better CPK.
  • Help with timely fleet tyre requirements for proper inventory management.
  • Ensure safety procedures are followed in the tyre bay for a safe work environment.
  • Supervise the entire tyre management operations on behalf of the customer.

The captured information is used to create customized reports that show how a fleet’s tires are performing.