Anderson Matheka - Managing Director

Anderson Matheka - Managing Director

Over the last few years, production cost as well as that of doing business has continued to escalate with seldom signs for improvement. The Sub Saharan Africa has had its share with businesses suffering great loses hence facing dire consequences including downsizing and even collapse of business. The Kenyan market situation in particular has been greatly affected by the weakening of the local currency, the Kenya shilling. 

To the local 21st Century transporter, the transport cost has continued to sky rocket as a result of the ever increasing fuel costs, tyres and spares leaving the investor desperate. At the present economic predicament therefore we can only make “SMART” management decisions if our organizations are to stand the test of time. Cost of ownership therefore cannot be wished away. We must ensure that we operate our transport business in a cost effective manner in line with best practices. 

Tyres are the second largest expense in any fleet after Fuel. Many fleets do not have strong tyre policies and hence a high level of ignorance dominates the industry where tyres are concerned. As a result, fleets operate at an unimaginable high cost per kilometer resulting to high cost of running the entire transport business. 

Treadsetters has invested heavily in learning with a view to assist the Kenyan transporter, towards achieving the lowest cost of ownership of tyres through training and technical support. 

It is my hope that our partnership will go a long way in making a positive impact to your transport business’ P&L.