Proper Mounting and Demounting Procedure

Mounting and demounting is a procedure that requires a professional approach. Improper handling of the tyre during mounting it on rim or demounting it may cause serious injury of the tyre. Only trained personnel should be engaged in this procedure. The tyre should NOT be mounted on a rusty / dirty rim. The following guidelines MUST be strictly followed.

  • To be operated by a trained technician only.
  • The operator must have the safety gear on prior to working the bead breaker.
  •  Deflate tyre by loosening the valve core using a valve key ensuring that all air escapes.
  • Place the tyre on the rubber floor with the disc side down and the rim side up.
  • Apply tyre lubricant on the bead area for easy bead breaking.
  • Stand right opposite the tyre nozzle placing the tip of bead breaker foot between the tyre bead and rim flange.
  • Work the bead breaker by gently knocking the beads down.
  • Repeat the same in bits round the tyre beads until bead breaks.
  • Turn the tyre wheel assembly on the opposite side (Disc up rim down).
  • Apply lubricant on bead area for easy bead breaking.
  • Repeat the procedure until the beads break.  (NOTE: Avoid using water for lubrication).