We are the exclusive dealers of Bandag retreads in Kenya. Bandag is a world leader in retreading industry offering the Lowest Cost per Kilometer (LCPK). Bandag retreads are second to none and competes exceptionally well with top quality branded new tyres in performance. With a wide range of tread designs for different applications, Bandag has been accepted in Kenya and been in use for more than twenty years.  The high performance of these retreads has clearly differentiated themselves from other retread brands in this market with a big margin. In fact we do not sell just retreads but Bandag Retreads.

Bandag retreads are available for Own casings stock tyres as well as Customer’s own Casings (COCs).

You can select from our wide range of quality retreaded tyres that are up for sale for a more cost effective alternative solution. Our bandag retreads have been proven to withstand numerous challenges and can offer a sound investment on the road.

Recapped tires offer an affordable, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to buying brand new tires. Drive away with peace of mind, added reliability and savings. We offer a combination of value and performance for

  • Light Truck Tires…Pickups.
  • Commercial trucks & Big Rigs.
  • Tractors, work and farm vehicles.
  • Cars and SUV’s.
  • Off-road vehicles.