We appreciate that tyres are the second largest expense after fuel. They should therefore be handled professionally with care.

Treadsetters are suppliers of professional tyre mounting and demounting tools as well as tyre accessories. Such include but not limited to:

  •  Gaither bead saver.
  •  Bead Booster.
  •  Bead Breaker.
  •  Electric Branding Tool.
  •  Tyre Leavers.
  •  Hand held Pressure Gauges.
  •  Tread depth Gauges.
  •  Valve key.
  •  Valve extensions.
  •  Twin hold on connectors.
  •  Tubes and Flaps.
  •  Tubeless Rims.
  •  Tubeless nozzles.
  •  Valve caps.
  •  Valve cores.