Trainings and workshops at Treadsetters Tyres Limited aim to provide our audiences with strategies and measures that can prolong the life cycle of their tyres. Our workshop and training topics suggest techniques that touch on every stage of a tyre’s life cycle. 

How IT works

You can look forward to the following in our sessions

  • Recommendations on the best new tyres to purchase that will best serve your vehicle on whichever roads and for whatever purpose.
  • Why retreads are cheaper, yetsafe and eco-friendly.
  • Importance of proper tyre matching to road safety and durability of your tyres.
  • Importance of wheel balancing and alignment and how regularly car owners should perform the procedure.
  • Proper mounting and demounting procedures that are safe and effective.
  • More tyre care practices that will bring longevity to the life of your tyres while ensuring performance and safety.